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Today, waking to another hazy Sunday morning in Beijing, I checked in on my  Marylebone blog for the first time in what seems like years. Right now I am living in an old hutong lane in China’s capital, and have worked here for 18 months at Time Out magazine, so this blog will be on hold until I get back. But missing the area, good coffee and great bookstores (aka Daunts). When I return to London (and Marylebone) for good later this year I’ll start posting again.

Until then…


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Interested in studying music? The studyGuardian has details here about courses at the Royal Academy of Music in Marylebone.

I walk past there on my way to Regent’s Park. Sometimes you can peep in and see students practising on their violins or windows. It looks like a wonderful place to study.

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According to the London Informer the history of Marylebone will be put together this summer in a montage of films under the title Reflections of Marylebone.

 Baker Street Entertainment will use old footage from the 1930s, 40s and 50s and supplement this by interviewing long-standing locals.

The film will be directed by Simon Moorhead for St Marylebone Society.

I know I’d like to see the changes on film. When my grandfather lived and practised here as a doctor, it was a professional but low-key area. According to him the High Street was rundown – a mile away from the fashionable, chic urbanity of today.

Read the full article by the London Informer here.

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I just returned from a trip in Southern Spain that ended in Granada. During the first three days of May they celebrate by adorning squares throughout the city in crosses covered in red flowers. The Cruces de Mayo.

Women and children don their flamenco dresses,  and swarm the streets. There are balloons and ice-creams, nuts for sales and generations of families all enjoy delicacies such as garlic prawns and steamy croquettes in the outdoor tapas bars.

What really struck me, as people greeted each other and families enjoyed the fiesta outing together, was the sense of community there. While Marylebone is celebrated as a village inside London, it also has a typical English reserve. People love the local feel, but do not know their neighbours. I’m not sure that is ever something that will return.

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I’ve been abroad so sorry about the lull in activity recently…

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I visited BBC London last week to take a look around and meet their new social media editor, Claire Timms.

It was the day of the G20 and reporters had been out all of the previous day covering the protests by Twitter. It was, according to Claire, a fantastic way to get out live information fast from the scene.

I also had a sneak at Vanessa Feltz doing her radio show. Here she is















Here is a pic of the studio where BBC London news is shot. The thing that struck me most was 1) how small it is 2) how it is right next to all the hustle and bustle of the office / newsroom 3) how noisy that must be.

On the TV it looks as if the newsreaders are seperated, with lots of space and the luxury of quiet. Not so. Its was pretty exciting to see behind where our news is delivered every day to us.


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Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will probably be two of the most famous people ever to have graced Regent’s Park.

The rock-star rated duo will be stayed yesterday and tonight at the US ambassador’s residence, which is in the park. They arrived by helicoptre.

Here is a link to details about the ambassador’s residence.

According to the website the house, which is set in 12 and a half acres on the northern side of the park, “stands behind fifteen-foot high iron gates on land that was once part of a ‘great forest, with wooded glades and lairs of wild beasts, deer both red and fallow, wild bulls and boars’ ”

Now it is Obama’s “Beast”, his super-car, that will be roaming around the wooded glades…

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