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fish-and-chip-smallWe wanted a quiet, cheap meal last night so we went to the Golden Hind for fish and chips.

It was packed – upstairs and downstairs – with everyone from rowdy guys on a night out to friends having a meal and a chat.

There are three great things about the Golden Hind.

First, the fish comes grilled or fried in batter. So there is a healthy option.

Second, its bring your own bottle with no corkage fee (I’m ashamed to admit I took a £2 Tesco bottle of Bucks Fizz bubbly)

Third, its cheap

The food was delicious, my grilled skate wing slided off the bone while the salad was fresh and the chips home cooked. It only came to £23.90 for two (that is £7.40 for cod, £8.10 for skate, £1.70 for chips ect) including good old-fashioned steamed Spotted Dick for desert, which was drowned in hot custard.

The restaurant has also been around here since 1914. Now it is owned by Mr Christou, who is Cypriot, and works on the shop floor making sure everything runs smoothly.

Here are some details:

73 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U
020 74863644


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