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Biggles – best English sausages in Marylebone.

Or at least according toLondonist who reviewed the legendary sausage shop (est. as London’s first all-sausage emporium in 1989) for St George’s Day.

The first bite almost overwhelmed us with patriotism. Images of Winston Churchill flashed, our ears rang with the stirring sound of Jerusalem and our stomachs filled with pride. For this is a superior sausage sandwich. The meat was totally without gristle. It burst with moisture and didn’t feel fatty. The spices delivered a peppering of background heat. Under normal circumstances we would have smeared it with English mustard, but unfortunately the St. George’s flag doesn’t offer scope for this in its colour palette!”

Read the review here

Biggles, 66 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2PF


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The Independent has recommended this new bar and restaurant, which opened on the 17 April.

“Literary types and royals alike should both feel at home in Marylebone’s The Swan and Edgar, a thoroughly British affair boasting a bar built from second-hand books, seating fashioned from recycled tweeds and a menu stuffed with hearty, old-school fare.”

(Read the full review here)

The Swan and Edgar, 43 Linhope Street, London, NW1

Apparently the quaint, quirky venue offers good English stodge such as stew and dumplings and also has a buffet-breakfast on the weekends.

It reminds me of a wonderful cafe / second hand book shop I know near Bondi beach in Sydney. The cafe (I’ve now forgotten its name) served delicious cakes and delicacies (such as warm freshly baked pear bread spread with ricotta cheese) and was a hove of gorgeous, well-worn books. The beauty is you can read before you buy, at leisure. I bought a few gems there, and still have them.  

I’m going to go and try out the Swan and Edgar soon. I wonder if you can also borrow a book while you read, or if it is just a visual gimmick?

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Here is a glimpse of all the wonderful food on offer on a Sunday at the Farmers’ Market….

10am – 2pm every Sunday

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I had lunch here the other day and really liked the cafe but – sadly – the soup wasn’t up to scratch.

My minestrone was salty, tinny and too small. The vegetables looked like they were from a tin and there was only one or two pieces of pasta. Pontis Cafe Deli

On the upside though it is a really relaxing place to work and I always love the whole Italian diner feel.

I will go back again but maybe stick to a coffee next time.

14 Marylebone High Street (0207 486 7810)

(Also I took this photo of the stair well that leads to the kitchen downstairs – there is a real New York feel to it, especially on a grey day)


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A fantastic place to work and watch the world go by. It also does the most delicious scones and yogurt/granola pots topped with fresh fruit.

On the weekend the place becomes heaving. The best thing about the cafe is that it opens at 8am on Saturday and Sunday – so the first stop for a morning coffee and the papers.

Here is the cafe at 8.20am:











And here it is from exactly the same view from my table at the back at 10.30am…











And there was a queue going right out the door (as there always is on the weekend). My advice? Get there early.

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