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I visited BBC London last week to take a look around and meet their new social media editor, Claire Timms.

It was the day of the G20 and reporters had been out all of the previous day covering the protests by Twitter. It was, according to Claire, a fantastic way to get out live information fast from the scene.

I also had a sneak at Vanessa Feltz doing her radio show. Here she is















Here is a pic of the studio where BBC London news is shot. The thing that struck me most was 1) how small it is 2) how it is right next to all the hustle and bustle of the office / newsroom 3) how noisy that must be.

On the TV it looks as if the newsreaders are seperated, with lots of space and the luxury of quiet. Not so. Its was pretty exciting to see behind where our news is delivered every day to us.



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“Marylebone is the most mis-spelt London place name #geomob”
– Gary Gale (@vicchi)

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